Who and What the H E Double Hockey Sticks is Quirky Queer?

Hey you!!!

You have no idea how tickled I am that you're here...

AND you clicked on what is essentially the 

"About me/us" QQ page.

Guess I'd better make it interesting.

I hope *fingers crossed*


My name is Cali.

I'm Queer AF.

In every way that is defined.

It took me some time to decide how I'd like to identify. While I always knew,from very young, that I didn't like, care about, or love others based on gender, I still hadn't decided what that Meant to me.

I've come to realize that I truly identify with Queerness.

It's what feels right and is a major part of who and what I am, day to day, moment to moment.

And the thing is... I really Love it and our entire LGBTQ+ community dearly.




 In addition, being a quirky, goofy, nerdy, geeky, awkwardly strange,

and special little nugget is another thing intricately woven into my being.


Ipso facto...

Quirky Queer, I am




I know there are many more wonderfully weird and loving it folks

Out there

and maybe you're looking for something fun to express yourselves.

And so I offer some things I love, that I have thought up, had overtake my mind, and probably caused some lost sleep, then cultivated and created as best I can,

Thennn presented to You... Woop!...

with the hope that you'll happen to love them too.




As time passes and hopefully business grows, I'd like to have Quirky Queer become more of a community and become a place to get to know, help, and support each other. I'll update with any details and ideas I come up with so please stay tuned to see.

With ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜,

~ Cali